CoreData Information Technology Services

IT Engineered Right

Over nearly two decades we’ve supported our customers’ success through a combination of service, knowledge and innovation.

Service.    CoreData is in the business of supporting your business.   We succeed when your IT systems run smoothly and you can use technology to your advantage.   

Knowledge.   CoreData’s IT services group consist of a team of experienced network engineers, computer scientists and IT specialists.   We hire top-tier engineers and technologists, so you get the best possible advice and support.

Innovation.   CoreData is your partner in innovation.  We are a leader in the automation of critical business and industrial processes through software as well as the integration of business and industrial systems (IT/OT convergence).  We regularly evaluate new 3rd party IT products and services, so that you can take advantage of latest technologies.  


Technical Support.   We provide a full range of ongoing technical support services from desktop and remote service support to the set-up and upgrading of PCs, and user management.   All service requests are tracked with an online ticketing system and delivered to an agreed upon service level.

System Monitoring.   We routinely check all of your critical server, network and storage infrastructure – as well as other vital applications and web services – that you rely on to run your business.  If we spot a problem, we fix it before it surfaces.  

Preventative Maintenance.  Through 24/7 monitoring and scheduled maintenance, we identify and fix problems beforethey arise.   We regularly patch and update the software on which your business runs so that there is little downtime.  

Infrastructure Design.  Since CoreData’s inception in 2000, we have engineered and implemented industry-leading infrastructure project across enterprise and industrial environments.    We will work with you to understand what you need and come up with the best server infrastructure fit from a variety of on premise, cloud or hybrid technology options.

Network Security.   CoreData actively monitors your network and end-point devices for suspicious activity.   We work with best-in-class firewall and anti-virus / malware providers and put in place additional countermeasures to ensure your business is protected.   We offer enterprise and plant cybersecuritysolutions to ensure all facets of your business are protected.

Cloud Computing.   CoreData will help you to with all aspect of cloud service delivery from analysis ofservice delivery options (public, private and hybrid) and vendors through toprocurement, implementation and administration.  

Asset Management.  We inventory all of your IT network equipment, PC, mobile devices and applications.  We work with you within your budget to ensure your systems are up-to-date.   

Network Engineering.  We’ve designed, purchased equipment for and installed wired and wireless networks foroperations ranging from a 50 story office tower and a multi-site field operationto a three person professional services practice.   Regardless of the size of the business, because your business depends on these networks we engineer them to be highly reliable and secure.

Industrial Systems.   From strong background in industrial controls and automation, CoreData has the expertise to help with automation of systems at a plant site and the know-how to integrate operations technologies (OT) with your IT systems.   Whoever you need technology to support thework your business does, we can support you.

Communications.  We know communications and collaboration systems. Our team will ensure your business has reliable, yet cost effectivevoice, video and messaging systems.   Wecan also assist with mobile device management (MDM) and remote collaboration solutions to ensure your people can work effectively together from anywhere.

Business Continuity.   If an immediate recovery of operations from a disaster is essential to your business, CoreData will work with you to develop not only a backup system butput in place procedures and systems to start your business from another location.  

Technology Planning.  Whether developing annual IT budget or managing the migration to / from cloud-based services, we bring to bear decades of knowledge to assist you with thinking through the implementation of new technologies.  We will suggest new technologies that will that provide competitive advantage, improve productivity and protect your business – and then work with you to put them in place.

Project Implementation.  We have expert skills and decades of experience in upgrading networks, implementing disaster recovery systems and successfully executing other strategic IT projects.  We are familiar with both the office and industrial environments, and will roll up our sleeves to get the work done on time and in budget.

Procurement Management.  We will negotiate the best pricing and purchase products and services for you.   To ensure you get the best value from 3rd party providers, all of our vendors are thoroughly vetted before we recommend their products or services to you.

Application Development.  For 18 years CoreData has developed customized software applications where there is no off-the-shelf solution.   Utilizing our AI-CORE robotic process automation (RPA) platform we rapidly and cost-effectively develop solutions that automate your critical processes and systems.